Kaló produces hemp-infused seltzers that focus its branding on tasting good, making you feel good, and being good for you. Launched in 2020, it concentrated its marketing on key markets across North America. As a new brand, we were able to bring this to life, highlighting their use of fresh ingredients and delicious flavors with unique photography, a vibrate color palette, and fun/inspirational language. Our team designed and implemented out-of-home materials, social media campaigns, packaging, and in-store displays to showcase Kaló's new visual identity. Having to help develop the Kaló brand to what it is, the company continues to grow to introduce and educate the world about hemp & hemp-infused seltzers.
Brand Activation
Printed Materials

Digital Marketing

As part of the efforts of promoting the new brand, we would schedule new content to develop a strong social media presence. We would promote a mix of new business, testimonies, product shots, and upcoming events/sales to share and reach new viewers daily.

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